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Farmer/Chef- Food Service Speed Dating Event

Starts: 2015-05-11 Ends: 2015-05-11



RAIN (Rural Agri-Innovation Network)  is putting together a “Farmer/Chef-Food Service Speed Dating” event.


Monday,  May 11th 2015, 1pm-4pmat Willow Teaching Restaurant at Sault College 443 Northern Ave. in Sault Ste. Marie, ON 


This business to business networking event will  give an opportunity for area famers and producers to network with area restaurants, chefs, retailers, food buyers  and learn about what their needs are and create possible new business relationships.   


Included will be a short seminar/workshop:


•       “Chef’s Guide to Procuring Local Food”

•       “Farmer’s Guide to Working with the Foodservice   Industry”


As you may know, there have been many of these types of networking events organized in other jurisdictions in Ontario, but this will be a first for the Algoma and Sault Ste. Marie  region!


Watch for more information shortly.  Forward this email to anyone you think would be interested and let us know so we can send an invite to them.


If you have questions, please contact 


Sandra J. Trainor

RAIN Event Coordinator

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre/Rural Agri-Innovation Network

T: 705 942-7927 Ext 3065


David Thompson

RAIN Research Project Coordinator

Phone  705.942.7927 ext. 3027


Mail    1520 Queen St. Suite BT200, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A2G4