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The SSMCOC and SSMEDC bring you 'The Confident Coach' presented by SparkHR, November 19th

Starts: 2015-11-19 Ends: 2015-11-20

The Confident Coach - Engage with Purpose & Passion

People want to learn, grow and contribute… organizations want to grow their bottom line. Participate in the Confident Coach 2 day program. 

Create an environment where people want to succeed and watch engagement soar! Participate.

People feel more valued and motivated at work when they know their manager is interested in them and supports their efforts and goals. the Confident Coach™ program trains managers how to have purposeful, respectful and results- focused interactions with staff that spark commitment and passion.

Engage your talent and optimize performance.

Many organizations are getting only a modest effort from their workforce. By participating in the Confident Coach™ programyou will learn practical tips and strategies to leverage talent for enhanced employee engagement and retention.

What’s different about this program?

The Confident Coach™ program trains managers how to revitalize their staff and engage them in self-directed learning, development and performance. 

Who is this program ideal for?

Front-line managers, seasoned managers, human resource managers, sales managers, coaches, organizational consultants and trainers. 

You will learn the benefits and applications of a coach-approach to managing, and how to:

  • build trusting relationships
  • engage through effective communication
  • facilitate sustainable behavior change
  • coach different generations
  • hold structured coaching conversations
  • help people overcome resistance to change
  • build accountability for results
  • understand your coaching strengths and needs

Participate  in the Confident Coach™ program today

You can apply for up to 2/3 of the cost to be reimbursed through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant training fund. Information can be found at