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SSMCOC SSMCOC Small Business Too Big To Ignore Focus Group

Starts: 2016-06-21 Ends: 2016-06-21

The Sault Ste Marie Chamber of Commerce (SSMCOC), in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), recently launched Small Business Too Big To Ignore, a six month campaign that will highlight the important contributions of small businesses to our communities and investigate the top barriers to small business growth.
Over the next several months, local chambers of commerce and boards of trade will hold consultations with small business owners throughout the province to identify the barriers that they face.
“Small businesses of 100 or less employees are the core of our membership and employ nearly 3 million Ontarians, which is why we’ve decided to undertake the Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign,” said Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the OCC. “The insights gained from the local chamber consultations will inform an upcoming OCC report to be released during Small Business Week in October 2016."
Over the next several weeks, the SSMCOC will be holding focus group discussions with local small business owners and managers to identify the barriers that they face. If you own or operate a small business locally, please join us at one of the following sessions: 
- Wednesday, June 15th (4:30pm to 6:00pm) register HERE
- Tuesday, June 21st (11:30am to 1:00pm) register HERE
The June 15th and 21st focus groups will be held at the Quality Inn and Suites Bay Front.