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Introducing the Accessibility Works Abilities Connect Fund

In collaboration with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), we are thrilled to announce an exciting new grant program, the Abilities Connect Fund. This initiative aims to raise awareness among employers about the benefits of hiring, integrating, and retaining people with disabilities in the workplace.

Approximately 46,700 students with disabilities are enrolled in colleges and universities across Ontario, as highlighted in the 2013 OCC report, Building Bridges: Linking Employers to Postsecondary Graduates with Disabilities. The Abilities Connect Fund is designed to help you leverage an untapped talent pool to meet your skills requirements. The fund also helps provide early workplace experience for students and recent graduates with disabilities to improve their employment outcomes and career trajectory.

This program has two funding streams:
  1. Employers can receive up to $20,000 (for up to four employees), under the Valuing Abilities Employment stream, for the hiring and training of college/university students and/or recent graduates with disabilities.
  2. An organization can receive up to $3,000 under the Valuing Abilities Workplace Solutions to purchase assistive devices, specialized training, and assessments for any employees with disabilities.

To learn more visit or contact Lesley Cole from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce at or call 416-482-5222 x2390.